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Conn Alan Maney

Conn Alan Maney, 61, was born August 17, 1960, in Havre, MT, to mother Sue Darlene (Benbrooks) Maney of Belgrade, MT, and father Patrick F. Maney (deceased) of Havre, MT.

He is survived by three brothers, Michael A. Maney (and wife Victoria and three sons) of Missoula, MT, William F. Maney (and seven children) of Belgrade, MT, and Richard D. Foster of Belgrade, MT; two sisters, Patricia Sue (Maney) Uskoski (and seven children), and Jeanette (Maney) Carter (husband Alan and two children) of Texas; two children, Keith Smith (and wife Tasia) of Havre, MT, and Jessica Darlene (Maney) Borowiecki (and husband Anthony), and three grandchildren, Vincent (Reign), Maisie, and Luna.

Conn as a boy was known as "tough guy" because he wanted to be tough like his dad and big brothers. If he was hurt and in pain he would grit his teeth but the little tear in his eye would give him away. He liked to build things and would take things apart and put them back together just to see how it worked! He remodeled a small house on the north side and spent his life in Havre. He taught himself many trades of work and became a cowboy working for ranches. He could drive cattle, brand and pull calves. He loved the outdoors, horses, and animals.

Conn became good at carpentry and building houses. He taught himself the computer and learned a lot about the world. He had a lot of plans to travel and pan for gold! About seven years before his death, Conn became sick and was told he had terminal cancer. He had four to six months to live. Conn said he would fight it.

He met his fiancé Melanie Columbus and they planned on marriage after he got over cancer. She stayed with him, helping him through the many bad times. He went into remission for a year or so and then it hit him again. He was still "tough guy" and did all he could to win.

God said, "Time to rest, Conn, come with me." Conn died the day after Christmas 2022. Melanie was his angel and now he is her angel. He is in our hearts forever and we will always miss him. He will always be our "tough guy."

A graveside service will be held August 17, 2023, at Kuper Memorial Cemetery in Chinook at 3 p.m.


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