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 By Emily Mayer    Local    July 27, 2018

Celebrating History: Rising to the war 'Over There'

Hill County knew how to rise to the call to war "over there" and Havreites knew how to send them off in style, as described in the July 27, 1918, edition of The Havre Plaindealer. A very large...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    October 28, 2016

Celebrating History: Elections take center stage

Things were very busy in Havre this week 100 years ago. Certain parcels of land once belonging to the former Fort Assinniboine were open for homestead filing, keeping U. S. Commissioner C. B. Elwell very busy. The same C. B. Elwell would later...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    October 21, 2016

Celebrating History - Election delays memorial

By Emily Mayer As mentioned before in this column, the year 1916 was also an election year. Sometimes campaigns get in the way of other events, and this article was published on the front page of The Havre Plaindealer’s Oct. 21, 1916 issue: LEWIS...


Celebrating History: New city offices ready

by Emily Mayer Many in Havre today don’t realize that before the current Hill County Courthouse was built, after Hill County itself was created by splitting with Chouteau County, several County offices shared space in Havre’s City Hall, then loca...


Celebrating History: St. Marks Episcopal Church

by Emily Mayer St. Mark's Episcopal Church continued its progress to completion this week 100 years ago. This article was found on the front page of the Sept. 23, 1916, issue of The Havre...


Celebrating History: Hill County Fair underway

The Fifth Annual Hill County Fair was underway this week 100 years ago. A large article was on the front page of the Sept. 15, 1916, issue of The Havre Daily Promoter. It reads, in part: HILL COUNTY...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    September 2, 2016

Celebrating History: Labor Day preparations

By Emily Mayer Havre’s many labor unions were busy preparing for the upcoming Labor Day Celebration this week 100 years ago, and it was no small affair. The Sept. 2, 1916 issue of The Hill County Democrat outlined the many events plus prizes...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    August 26, 2016

Celebrating History: Havre car races

By Emily Mayer There really wasn't much in the newspapers 100 years ago this week. An announcement that the Hill County Fairgrounds would play host tocar races the coming Sunday was printed in the...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    August 19, 2016

Celebrating History: Rankin comes to Havre

By Emily Mayer The big news this week was the arrival of Congressional candidate, Jeanette Rankin, who was running on the Republican ticket. All three Havre newspapers ran a story about the event. Thi...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    August 12, 2016

Celebrating History: Chautauqua a hit

The Chautauqua was a hit so far in our city 100 years ago. All three newspapers carried glowing reports about the presentations and attendance. This article was on the front page of The Havre Plaindealer’s Aug. 12, 1916 issue: HUNDREDS ENJOY THE...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    July 1, 2016

Celebrating History: The Great Northern Stampede

The Great Northern Stampede was the big news in the papers this week 100 years ago. Lengthy articles outlined the event, announced Canadians and prominent people planning to attend, and said to expect thousands of people competing, workingand...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    March 4, 2016

Celebrating history: Fighting liquor

J. K. Bramble continued his crusade against underage drinking and the tango in the March 4, 1916 issue of The Hill County Democrat. He printed a letter from E. J. Huston, pastor of the Methodist Church, and an editorial from the Hill County Beacon...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    February 12, 2016

Celebrating history: Things set up in courthouse

The newspapers 100 years ago this week announced that it was very cold. However, that did not stop the people of this area from conducting business and having fun. The Feb. 12, 1916 issue of The Hill...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    January 29, 2016

Celebrating history: Put a lid on gambling

In last week's column, there was a letter from a Mr. Wilson calling Havre "One Wicked Little City." Its contents had clearly been maligning Havre's vices and its prominence within the business...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    January 28, 2016

Ole Goat - a 96-year tradition continues

As Great Falls High and Havre High boys’ basketball teams get ready to battle each other this week, they are participating in a nearly 96-year tradition-playing for the Ole Goat. The Ole Goat is a hand-carved mountain goat sculpture donated by...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    January 22, 2016

Celebrating history: Members heading east to buy furniture for Masonic Temple

By Emily Mayer The news in the papers 100 years ago was varied and diverse. We start with news from The Havre Plaindealer in its Jan. 22, 1916 issue. GO EAST TO BUY FURNITURE FOR TEMPLE Wm. Kendig and Thos. McKenzie left this week for Grand Rapids...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    January 8, 2016

Celebrating history:

The new year of 1916 had come and gone, and Havre’s progress continued to march on. Believe it or not, Havre had four newspapers at this time 100 years ago. We are blessed to have three of the four newspapers on microfilm at Havre-Hill County...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    December 11, 2015

Celebrating history: Churches were busy in 1915

News of churches dominated the newspapers this week 100 years ago. In the Dec. 11, 1915 issue of The Hill County Democrat, the Methodists were making good use of the newly finished basement of their...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    October 23, 2015

Celebrating history: Life in 1915

News regarding buildings this week 100 years ago tapered off in the newspapers, but there were some things still going on. The Oct. 23, 1915 issues of The Havre Plaindealer and The Hill County...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    March 6, 2015

Celebrating history: Where to put the courthouse?

Emily Mayer For the 10th installment of this series, Year of the Buildings, the debate goes on as to where the courthouse would be built. People were taking sides, and this included newspaper owners. The Hill County Democrat was clearly in favor of...

 By Emily Mayer    Local    February 13, 2015

Celebrating history: Kremlin hotel burns

In last week’s column, I mentioned that a hotel in Kremlin had burned. Here is a column of that fire from the Kremlin Chancellor, published in the Feb. 12, 1915 issue of the Hingham Review, complete with misspellings: $12,000 HOTEL BURNED DOWN... Full story

 By Emily Mayer    Local    January 30, 2015

Celebrating History: Where to put courthouse

There was plenty of news regarding buildings in this week’s papers from 100 years ago. In the Jan. 30, 1915 issue of The Havre Plaindealer, we find: COMMISSIONERS CAN CHANGE THE SITE Attorney General Sustains the County Attorney. The Hill county... Full story

 By Emily Mayer    Local    December 12, 2014

Celebrating history: More news on women

Women and women’s issues dominated the local news in the Hingham Review’s Dec. 11, 1914 issue. For this 49th installment celebrating the 150th anniversary of Montana Territory and 125th anniversary of statehood, we read: Fairview Literary is... Full story

 By Emily Mayer    Local    December 5, 2014

Celebrating history: Churches have lots of news

By Emily Mayer We go back to Box Elder for this 48th installment of this series celebrating the 150th anniversary of Montana Territory and the 125th anniversary of statehood. In the Dec. 4, 1914 issue of The Box Elder Valley Press, there were... Full story

 By Emily Mayer    Local    November 7, 2014

Celebrating history: Election 1914 with suffrage, bonds and social news

It was election time in 1914. Elected officials were chosen, and some ballot issues were also voted on. Two are of particular interest. The first issue had statewide impact-the passage of women's...


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