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Opening week of the 2002 bowling seasonKeglers Korner


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Opening week of the 2002 bowling season

Keglers Korner

"Sometimes a man's health can be judged by what he takes two at a time: pills, stairs or bowling balls."

Every Friday night, Rock-N-Bowl is held from 7 to 9 p.m. for grade and middle school and from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. for high school and college. The cost is $6 per person and this is a drug- and alcohol-free fun night. Last Friday night was the first session of the season and if it was any indication, it's going to be a great year.

Jackpot bowling starts Saturday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m. YABA signups will be held Saturday, Sept. 28, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Hi-Line Lanes will also have an open house on Sept. 28. Prizes and refreshments with discounted bowling will run all day.

Twelve Strike Scoring systems are due to arrive on Monday. Gary would once again like to "thank you" for your patience and understanding.

Teresa Feltzer-Brown will celebrate a birthday Friday and Linda Warneke gains one on Tuesday.

Elaine Rosman and Kristi Kline picked 6-7-10s; Nadene Larson 5-10 and 6-7; Ann Knudson 5-10; Kim Austin and Gwen Walin 5-7s; and Amy Woods 6-7-8-10.

Tamara Wieweck started the season with a 223 and 563. Susie Friede and Christy Holden had 536s; Julie Mariani 531; and Tammy Frederick shot a 210. Nadene Larson proved once again "you're never too old to enjoy the sport of bowling" by rolling her first 200 of the season Thursday morning.

Shawn Burrington had a 250 and Dave Dorr a 660, Shawn shot a 615 and Dave a 257. Ernie Matelski scored a 243, 609; Bill Henry and Jim Burrington 230s; Jason Keeler a 235; and Shawn Burrington a 232.

Six shooters: Leo Miller 608; Dave Wolf 609; Chris Pappas 600; and Ryan Mapes 618.

Womens City bowls on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. and sponsors of the teams are Mariani Insurance, Beaver Creek Golf Course/Horizon Room, Curves, 4B's/Black Angus, Liquor Stop Plus, Oxford Bar, Makin Waves, Palace Bar, Hair Company, Normans, Florens Hill County Printing, Northwinds, 15 West and Lunch Box.

By the time you read this, all of the leagues will have begun their seasons. It may be a few weeks before your league's reports are here, so please be patient.

Womens' 200s, 500s: Julie Mariani 531; Sandy Sutter 502; Susie Friede 536; Tammy Frederick 210; Christy Holden 536; Nadene Larson 200; Inetia Cantin 200; Irene Wagner 203; Tamara Wieweck 223, 563.

Mens' 225s, 560s: Ernie Matelski 243, 609; Shawn Burrington 250, 615, 232, 583; Bill Henry 236, 562; Jim Burrington 230, 562; Leo Miller 225, 608; Jason Keeler 235, 591; Dave Dorr 247, 660; Jay Almas 596; Kory Gerky 581; Bob Blazer 560; Darrell Hensley 562; Don Jones 575; Dave Wolf 609; Rich Randolph 599; Jim Keeler 562; Steve Brown 566; Chris Pappas 600; Garcia Duran 583; Ryan Mapes 618; Bill Evans 574.

Tuesday Womens City: High team game: Makin Waves 799. High team series: Mariani Insurance 2,249. High womens game: Tammy Frederick 210. High womens series: Susan Friede 536. Standings: 1 Mariani Insurance, 2 Beaver Creek Golf Course/Horizon Room, 3 Curves, 4 4B's/Black Angus, 5 Liquor Stop Plus.

Thursday Housewives: High team game: McLean Grocery 661. High team series: McLean's Grocery 1,695. High womens game: Irene Wagner 203. High womens series: Nadene Larson 485. Standings: 1 Harvest States, 2T Griggs Printing, JG&P Rentals, Team No. 6.

Thursday Guys & Gals: High team game: Chief Mountain 835. High team series: Evans Optical 2,328 High womens game: Tamara Wieweck 223. High womens series: Tamara Wieweck 563. High mens game: Kyle Austin 214. High mens series: Bill Evans 574. Standings: 1 Evans Optical, 2 Chief Mountain, 3 Blackie's Tavern, 4 Duck Inn, 5 Stockman Bank.


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