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Why donât people shovel their sidewalks?


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Hello. My name is Thomas and I was just wondering why it is so hard for people to shovel their sidewalks the morning or night after the day or days that it snows. Everybody knows that when you do not do this the snow is just going to get packed down and turn to ice. Once this happens, it is almost like no one knows how to get rid of the ice. This mainly happens in high-traffic areas where kids are walking to and home from school, people trying to make it to work, or in my case, people walking their dogs. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everybody is getting pretty sick of trying to walk through the hockey rink that most people have sitting in front of their homes. If you cannot shovel or deice your sidewalks there are tons of middle- to high-school age kids who love to make a little extra monay and would have no problem doing it for you. I hope this letter sent a message to some people out there. It would be much appreciated Thomas Kline Havre


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