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By Tristan 

Disappointed to see so many tattered flags



I am amazed when I drive around town and see U.S. flags flying that are so torn and tattered they should not be up at all.

Folks, we are at war. Our men and women are fighting every day for your right to fly that flag. When they come home and drive down the streets of their home town, how sad when they look up and see a ragged flag flying. I know the wind blows a lot here in Havre and flags are expensive to replace, but instead of flying a torn and dirty one, take it down until you can fly one that is in good condition.

Make a point of driving around town and looking at the flags that fly. There are very few that are crisp and clean. Take the time to change your flag if it is in bad shape and fly one that is in good condition. It is the least we can do.

Gary Crossler



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