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Rocky Boy primary results not in yet

The Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation held a primary on Tuesday for this year's Chippewa Cree Business Committee election, and with 57 candidates pursuing four seats on the committee and the chairmanship, it's not too surprising that the results are still being counted.

The tribal office said this morning that the results of the 10 winners of the primary, eight for the four committee seats and two for the chairmanship still being pursued by incumbent Bruce Sunchild Sr. — will be on the ballot this November, will not be available until this afternoon.

For timely afternoon updates, visit for the primary results as soon as the Chippewa Cree Tribal Office releases them.

Sunchild is finishing up in May 2011 his partial term as committee chair, which he began following former chair Raymond "Jake" Parker pleading guilty to embezzling from the tribe.

Stacey Small, who was elected to the committee in a special election to fill the gap after Parker's removal, is now running for his first full term.

Joe LaFromboise, John Chance Houle and Brian "Kelly" Eagleman are also running to keep their seats on the committee.


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