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Keep personal observations out of news stories



I'm very disappointed that a Havre Daily News reporter would include this personal observation in a story: "The Hill County Democratic Party seems to have carried over their lack of energy from recent elections, not holding any Democratic event last night."

It's true that our local Democratic Party did not hold an event to watch the outcome of the primary election. The county party does not take a position in primary races that pit Democrats against Democrats. I can guarantee you that Democrats will have a huge event to watch the outcome of the general election in November, when our candidates face Republican opponents.

Your suggestion that Democrats have a "lack of energy" is not based on reporting, and it doesn't belong in a news story. If you had interviewed Hill County Democrats, you would have found that enthusiasm is at a very high level. We're fired up, and we are working hard on behalf of our candidates for the general election. On June 1, 45 Democrats attended a Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee fundraiser in the Atrium to hear Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau and our local legislative candidates speak. You didn't cover that.

There's an obvious choice for voters in November. Republicans believe that once you're born, you're on your own, and that large corporations are best suited to determine your quality of life. Democrats believe that people together can make sure that basic needs are met — for instance, that every child gets a quality education, that people have access to health care, that people have clean air and clean water.

We're fired up and we'll work hard to protect the best interests of all Montanans.

Karen Datko


Hill County Democratic Party


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