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Theresa Miller named to Havre School Board

The Havre Public School Districts Board of Trustees made a few big decisions at its meeting Tuesday night, including voting in a new member to join the ranks.

Theresa Miller was interviewed by the board during the meeting and then approved unanimously.

Miller talked about her experience in and service to the school already, volunteering at Lincoln-McKinley Primary School and Sunnyside Intermediate School over the past three years, while her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter have attended them.

"I always have had an interest in serving our community, " Miller said. "As the mother of two children, quality education is a strong priority for me. We have to prepare them as best we can. "

She also said that her job as a lab tech at Northern Montana Hospital seems particularly suited to the busy and occasionally unpredictable schedule of a trustee.

As far as her goals and beliefs as a trustee, Miller pointed to the districts mission statement declaration of the necessity of doing everything necessary to prepare students for the life that awaits them.

While trustees are usually elected in a vote in May, there was no election this year, after the administration determined there was no need for a mill levy and the only candidates to file in the election were two of the three incumbents.

Havre Public Schools Superintendent Andy Carlson said he was grateful for the volunteers that lend a hand to running the community's vital school system.

"I'm appreciative that there's people that want to serve in that capacity, " Carlson said. "I think she'll be a good addition to the board. "

Former trustee Lee Christianson said earlier this spring that he was not interested in running again. He wants to focus on his family and business.

Having only two candidates for three positions, the board members had to appoint the remaining post, which they did in approving Miller on Tuesday.


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