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Rehberg super PAC is dishonest


Medicare recipients beware of the dishonest attack ads by Rep. Dennis Rehberg and his PAC henchmen against Sen. Jon Tester. Medicare was enacted in 1965 by Democrats, the party always supported it, and Tester is no exception.

For the second year in a row now, Rehberg's Republican cohorts in Congress have put forward budget bills that would do away with Medicare as we know it. You can thank Tester and other Democrats in the Senate for opposing and defeating these assaults on Medicare. Rehberg withheld support of this year's bill (hey, he's running for Senate) saying he will "study it carefully and talk to Montanans before deciding if he would support the bill." Trust Tester to unequivocally oppose the destruction of Medicare while Rehberg resorts to weasel words.

Rehberg has already had more than 80 listening sessions and a decade in Congress. So what solutions has Rehberg come up with? The answer is absolutely nothing. No plan, no proposals, no ideas, not even a suggestions of how he would protect Medicare. How many more listening sessions does Rehberg need?

This bait-and-switch tactic has been the hallmark of Rehberg's tenure in Congress and it has served him well, but not so much Montana's seniors.

Once Bush left office, Rehberg suddenly developed on overriding concern about the deficit. If Rehberg were honestly worried about the deficit, he wouldn't be relentlessly pushing his party's reactionary agenda of ever more tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies at the expense of medicare and other vital programs.

Frank Ferguson



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