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By Pam Burke 

Webcam now online at Fresno

Walleyes Unlimited Seeking sponsors


September 27, 2013

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A Hill County Electric technician works in mid-August on a transformer at the Fresno Chapter of the Walleyes Unlimited campground. This work was in preparation to supply power to a public-service webcam and weather station that the Fresno Walleyes installed on a pole at their campground.

Anyone wondering if the weather at Fresno Reservoir is nice enough to go there to play can now get online for their answer, thanks to the Fresno Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited.

The group mounted a webcam and a weather station on a pole at Fresno Walleyes campground above the public beach at the southeast end of Fresno Reservoir 15 miles west of Havre.

At a link accessed from the Fresno Walleye’s website at http://www.fresnowalleyes.com, video of the lake conditions streams live, while the continually updated weather station displays data about conditions like temperature, wind, current rainfall and barometric pressure.

This website is a project that the Fresno Walleyes had been working on for four to five years, said Cliff Plum, a member of the group’s board of directors and the webmaster.

He said club members had seen other websites like this and worked toward getting one for Fresno, since the weather at the reservoir can be distinctly different from weather in Havre.

The group had looked at several different places around the reservoir to locate the video and weather station, but these sites had problems due to lack of power, inadequate wireless Internet reception and difficulty getting permission from Bureau of Reclamation which owns the land around the reservoir, Plum said. Eventually, he added, they found that a main power line runs right through the group’s campground and they were able to link into that.

A side benefit from linking into the power line right at the campground, Plum added, is that when they installed the meter base, they made it big enough so eventually, the group will be able to add electric hookup services to campers at Fresno Walleyes campground.

Fresno Walleyes did all the fundraising to pay for the installation of the pole, electricity and equipment, said Plum, but local businesses and individuals pay the monthly electric and web hosting bills. Those businesses and people are listed at the webcam and weather station site, with links to any of the businesses that have an online presence.

Plum said he can be contacted at 262-3234 if anyone wants to help sponsor the service.

“We’re just really happy that businesses are able to help us provide this service,” Plum said. “And we just wanted to let people know it’s there for the public to use.”


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