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Police dogs could help Havre department


January 14, 2014

Help our police department help Havre.

Listen up, mayor and police administration.

Is there a drug problem in Havre? Yes! Our patrol officers do a wonderful job but could extremely benefit from a police K-9 dog. The presence of a police canine can defuse many potential problems just by their mere presence. Example, on New Year's Eve I saw a foot pursuit and thought how scary that can be and how it could turn out. Great job officer, whoever you are.

Canines can be great time-saving tools. A dual purpose K-9 is trained for patrol work and drugs. Imagine the usefulness and even the popularity of your dog when they start finding drugs and drug money. Of course, this only applies if you have a drug problem in your community and Havre sure does. We need to persuade our mayor and police administration of the need to have this crime-fighting tool.


Gerry Logan



Reader Comments

nope writes:

The border patrol has a dog but they dont like helping out the Havre Police. Would be so beneficial.

Highliner writes:

7 years ago there was a drug dog in Havre. Isn't there one anymore?

yeailike writes:

Yes if your saying no then your probably the bad guy. Idiot. Dual dogs could be a great use! Drugs and tracking down the creep! YES TO THIS.

yes writes:

Yes, I think this is a GREAT idea. If you are concerned about them, you are probably a drug dealer/user. They can be used for more than just drugs. They can attain someone running as well.

Gerry writes:

Who are you calling a lady? Gerry is a very manly name. A Police dog would help the city and that is why I wrote to the newspaper. It would help. I dont think there are any draw backs...

trisha writes:

This is awesome. This would be great for the city. There are a lot LOT of people here. BNSF....OIL....COLLEGE (BASKETBALL GANGSTERS) ..... Transients...train hoppers... drug dealers. METH!

Mtmana writes:

Drug sniffing dogs are a racket! They are used as a last resort to obtain probable cause when there isn't one. All a cop has to do is say the dog alerted to something and many of your rights go out the window. They are phony! No to police dogs!

WhatIThink writes:

This is so true. Could be so beneficial.

Grumpy writes:

Havre does not need police dogs, this is not Chicago or New York city. In small towns the size of Havre a dog is not needed, no place to go. Lady if you want a dog go to the pet store and get one but leave the Havre people out of having attack dogs running the streets.


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