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Washington fifth-grader seeks info on Montana


January 22, 2014

Hi. My name is Selena H. I'm 10 years old. I am in the fifth grade. I chose your state because it is AWESOME! My dogs are even from Montana, so I have been there a couple times. Montana is my state-report state. You're the only one that can get me an A++++. I'm a great student, very smart and very active, too. I'm very organized, and I hope to some day work with animals. I really want the state gem, but there is no need to get it. I think people would really like to see it. It would be so cool in my display. I also want the state flag. I would use that in my display, too. I think the people who haven't ever seen it would be stunned!

Anything can work, like cups, shirts and just anything can help. Another thing for my display is some license plates. I think that people will be amazed when they see them. I also think people would be amazed with the state flower. I think that everyone will think that it is so beautiful.

I also really would like to have sand from a beach. I think people will want to bring everything home. I also need some pamphlets, maps and books. Maybe some key chains, old school books and some pictures of the state tree, bird and pretty much things like that, too.

I have pretty bright-blue eyes, long blonde hair, oh yeah, and I'm kind of small, more like fun-sized. I play the acoustic guitar, and I love animals. One of my favorite hobbies is playing with my dogs. One is black and white, and her name is Mags. The other one is Cowboy. He's brown and white. I love running outside, too.

Can you, please, put my letter in your paper? I am hoping that all your readers will help me out. I think all your readers would like to help out a Washington fifth-grader.

I also need these by April. If you can't get these or send these things, that's OK. Thanks for your time reading my letter.


Selena H.

Mrs. Talbert’s Class

Conway School

19710 State Route 534

Mount Vernon, WA 98274


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