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By Tim Leeds 

Simpson turns himself in

Former Northern recruiter in jail on $50,000 bond


January 24, 2014

A former Montana State University-Northern recruiter and standout athlete is back in the Hill County Detention Center.

Joe C. Simpson II, charged with receiving marijuana to sell in Havre, turned himself into the Hill County Sheriff’s Department Thursday about 3:15 p.m. Deputies arrested Simpson on an outstanding $50,000 warrant charging him with leaving the county without permission from authorities.

He is scheduled to appear Feb. 2 in a hearing on the Hill County Attorney’s petition to revoke his release from jail on bond.

Simpson was charged in November with a felony count of attempted criminal possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and other counts when U.S. Postal Service employees notified the Tri-Agency Safe Trails Task Force in October that a package mailed to Simpson from California, which had been damaged in shipping, appeared to contain marijuana.

After obtaining a warrant and searching his Havre residence, law enforcement officers reported they found nearly $13,000 in cash hidden in bundles throughout the residence as well as a 9 mm handgun and small amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The package mailed to Simpson contained about 2 pounds 3 ounces of a substance which field-tested positive for marijuana, a charging document says. It also says postal records show five packages including the one that was intercepted Oct. 19 were mailed from California to Simpson between Sept. 21 and Oct. 17. Some were mailed from Simpson’s hometown of Pittsburg, Calif., the document said.

At a hearing Dec. 23, in which state District Judge Dan Boucher set a trial on the charges for June 24, Simpson asked to be allowed to stay with his mother in Sacramento, Calif. Boucher ordered a written request be filed for his review, and told Simpson that if the request were granted and he failed to appear for any proceedings at which his presence was required, the court would issue a warrant for his arrest, and he would face new charges.

The Hill County Attorney Dec. 24 requested a warrant be issued and Simpson’s release revoked, reporting he had boarded an airplane in Great Falls at 6 a.m. that morning and left the state. Boucher issued the warrant with $50,000 bond that day.

Hill County Undersheriff Jamieson Ross said last week that California law enforcement officers had sought Simpson at his last known address in Pittsburg, but had been unable to locate him.


Reader Comments

HAVREMT12 writes:

The true story in this is that he did and now should pay the time for the crime!!! Also TELLTHETRUTH there is more than 6 African -Americans in Havre!!!! Sounds like you need to tell the truth and get your facts correct! It's not because this is Joe Simpson, it is because of the crime committed! The Judge gave an order and that is that!!! When you don't listen this is what happens! He came back because they were hot on his trail!!!!!

TellTheTruth writes:

Lastly, if he was trying to hide then why did he come back and turn himself in? Ok. Simpson is not from Montana, he no longer is working and no longer in school. Wouldn't you want to go home to your mom/family if you were in trouble in a known racist town? Do you really think he would want to walk around Havre a minority with his head down and be judged? Please tell the truth in this case Havre! You too would want to go home and be with family! I don't blame him for wanting to be home.

TellTheTruth writes:

So before all of you proud Havre-ites talk smack about this young man allow him to be able to speak the truth. Come on now..he is like what 1 of 6 black people in Havre? You honestly think the courts and police gave him a fair chance and opportunity to fight back? NOPE honestly, look how Native Americans are treated in this town? How many minorities die in the Havre jail? How many Native Americans sit in the Havre jail. The only crime Simpson has committed was being black in Havre, MT!

TellTheTruth writes:

Simpson has always been a respectable young man in this town of Havre and the moment something like this happens the whole town turns on him. Why? It isn't his fault he hasn't been given the chance to speak out on how the Police tried setting him up yet they still charge him. He hasn't been given any opportunity to explain his side. Yet the police and courts are telling HDN all these lies to make it look like a clear cut case. WAY TO GO HDN! Get your facts straight. Good job Havre!

TellTheTruth writes:

Also, in this case I would like to know which room the money was found? This is a roomate situation. Why is Joe being pointed out and picked on? Is it because he is black in this white town? Someone has to be a scapegoat in this case and they pick the black guy. It is Marijuana. Meth is being made all over this town, sold and distributed and you guys are focusing on a black guy, Typical Havre. I applaud you for attacking him over a natural substance which should be legal. Come on now!

TellTheTruth writes:

I really wish the Courts/Attorney and HDN would report the true story in this case. How the postal service has been digging through peoples packages not only in this case but other people are dealing with the same issues. They have been opening packages and taping them back up themselves and then delivering them. This package without a doubt was probably wrong opened as well. Also, Simpson did ask to leave the county and his attorney DIDN'T file the proper paperwork in time. Not his fault!

MONDAY writes:

Ha Ha Ha. No brains in that one...

havre12 writes:

ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't hide forever!!!!!


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