By Tim Leeds 

Tribe suspends, investigates casino manager

Spokesman refuses to provide additional information


March 13, 2014

The Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation has suspended the manager of the tribally owned casino and is investigating potential gaming violations, but will not give any additional details, including the name of the manager or the members of the interim group of managers appointed to operate the casino.

A press release listing Larry Denny as the media contact was sent to the Havre Daily News Wednesday, saying the Chippewa Cree Gaming Commission moved to temporarily suspend the general manager of Northern Winz Casino while further investigation into potential gaming violations is pending.

The Havre Daily News contacted Denny to ask the name of the manager suspended, the names of the interim managers appointed, who was conducting the investigation, how long the investigation was expected to last, and any information that could be released about the alleged violations.

Denny said this morning he would not answer any of those questions.

“The press release goes out just like we wrote it,” Denny said, and refused to give any additional information.

The casino’s website has listed Mike Devaney as the Northern Winz manager.

The release says the casino remains open with all services available and will continue to operate as usual.


Reader Comments

Rick writes:

Surprise, Surprise. Well maybe not!! Are the true colors of the leaders of the reservation showing?

CaptainObvious writes:

They're acting on the council's orders in this. You can't actually believe they could do this without approval. Seems to me like the Council needs a bigger piggy bank since the shutdown and those indictments cut into the bottom line. Haven't you all wondered who's left to be indicted and who is going to be snitched out for a better deal? How is it that one individual walked away scot free and yet in the last headline I read a community member got 3 years probation for less than 10 grand..

fedup writes:

This action was way overdue, hopefully the weak Tribal Council will not interfer and override the boards decision. The casino has been a mess since day one with some gross mistakes from people making decisions while knowing very little about gaming. Let the board keep making corrections to bring the casino to a respectable gaming facility. The council must be scared with the action taken.


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