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Daines is representing Montana values


February 16, 2017

In response to Dennis Kuntz’s Feb. 14, 2017, letter to the Havre Daily News:

Thank you Senator Daines for representing me, Montana and United States’ values.

This country is a free market republic. People came to America to be free from oppression and dictatorship; to be free to choose what was best for them and their families. This would only be possible if there was a choice. In Mr. Kuntz’s letter he stated the heart of rural Montana is their schools and that they are the lifeblood and cultural centers of rural areas. I thought that schools were places our children were to be receiving a free and excellent education — above all else. Our children’s education and it’s quality are never mentioned in his letter. He also states that for 90 percent of Montana, school choice is not an option. So for the 10 percent of Montana that there may be a choice of either a traditional public school, charter public school or private school — he would be in favor of eliminating choice?

The voucher system Senator Daines is supporting would allow parents to let their taxes follow their child to a traditional public school, charter public school or private school of their choice. Why shouldn’t our tax dollars follow our child’s education placement? Why is all our tax money allocated to traditional public schools? If our traditional public schools are doing an excellent job at providing education to our children, competition should be welcomed and not feared.

I am here to say that thousands of Montanans are in favor of school choice and our individual tax dollars following our child’s education in the school of their choice.

Heidi Hill



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