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Grief Poem: Graduation Day


February 1, 2019

We woke to see the shining moon and smell the Winter Air.

We checking the stars and wispy clouds, but we know you’re not there.


You flew away, left us behind — Oh! What a time to go!

You flew away, that’s what you did, but oh, we miss you so!


Changed in a twinkling of an eye, Your time with Christ won’t end.

But God had given you a job, you were a special friend.


We hear the whistling train roll out, it hurries on its way.

Bet you recall that rumbling freight, once in a former day.


You won’t be back to ease our tears, it’s something you can’t do.

We’ll mourn and grieve and miss you so, then someday fly to you[1].

Though visibly you’re gone from us; you’re here so many ways.

We think of you when West winds blow and on hot sunny days.


The diamond glint on Winter snow, you’d hold a steaming cup!

Come Spring or Fall, you were with us, and soon we will fly up!


Through Summer days and Autumn rain, your memory we hold dear.

Soft starlight nights or morning hush, is it your voice we hear?


You’ve gone ahead, passed Jordon’s shore, to meet your loved ones there,

Go slow, dear one, our time will end, we’ll meet you in the air.

Jan 2019 — Prairie Winds

[1] Mark 13:32 32 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”


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