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Hello, God. It's me, Mara

Fun in winter snow


February 22, 2019

Snowmen got made, crooked or straight, and two were rather wide.

What fun to be outdoors that day and view the countryside.

Laughter, snowballs, oh, what a day to play in fresh white snow.

A game, a race, how about snowballs? You catch the one I’ll throw.

You know, dear Lord, Winter’s still here, it’s time for chilly treat.

It’s Snow Ice Cream like Mama made, the best you’ll ever eat!

Snowman will watch while we scoop Snow, unsullied by cow tracks.

So gently scoop the soft white snow; be careful how snow packs.

Then to the house, pour in a bowl, add sugar, milk or cream.

Vanilla, too, and gently stir, you’ve got a taste supreme!

Chilled to the bone, see fireplace, collapse by blazing fire.

But what a treat, Ice Cream to eat, that was our hearts’ desire!

Another day let’s take a walk, make an “Angel” in the Snow.

That’s two to flop, ‘cause one is down, we’re really worth a show!

Time passes on, you grow up fast, and that’s a vital part.

So precious son and darling girl, someone will steal your heart.

The beauty of the life we loved, a snow scene soft and white, Time slipped away when we were young, when futures looked so bright.

And now our ‘young’ play in the snow, we watch as they go “splat.”

We chuckle some, enjoy the view, and think: we played like that?

Country memories, we’ve special ones; for us T’was yesteryear.

We watch children here in our town, which sometimes brings a tear.

But we know, Lord, You’ve shown us Your love in special ways, Your Word tells us if we love you, we’ll follow You always.

Yes, we’re Your little Angels Lord, as precious as can be.

You’re with us everywhere we go; You’re all the world to me.

Love, Mara

John 14:15, NIV. “If you love Me, keep My commandment.”


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