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Grief Poem - Sunshine and Shadows


Shall we wither and then fall down like a golden Autumn leaf?

We’re all been there through deep sorrow, how painful is our grief.

Sometimes we miss the days gone by, we long for yesterdays’

Know that you’re missed, your gentleness, your understanding ways.

Sunshine does pass and shadows fall[1], but love outlasts it all,

Through the past years, many or few, memories we do recall. 

Periods of rain bring on new life, but Grief’s like winter snow.

Nature brings change and offers hope, the “way” is oh, so slow.

Grief is like Spring, one day it’s warm, the next day it is cold!

We’ve tears and fears, but Grief does change, it’s “time” can not be told.

Lord, help us face reality; we know it takes a while.

We will adjust, focus on hope, let memories bring a smile.

Sunshine, shadows, affects all life, plants, animals and us.

 Day after day, we must keep on; we’ll try hard not to fuss.

Lord, bless us with Your peacefulness, You’ve been with us each day.

We have been helped, now it’s our turn, please work with us, we pray.

Sorrow is deep, we’ll find a way, somehow, we will be strong.

Sunshine passes, shadows will fall, but love sings a sweet song.

Prairie Winds — July 2019

[1] John 8:12 ESV: Again, Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


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