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Letter to the Editor - Gun control only punishes the good buys


September 5, 2019

Hunting and shooting is a family tradition for us. First our children and now our grandchildren learn how to handle a firearm, they learn maintenance and proper safety. They respect firearms. They have the right to carry on this tradition — a right given to them in the constitution.

Taking away gun rights is not the answer. Guns are not the problem — people are the problem, evil and sometimes mentally unstable people. A gun in itself is an inanimate object that is controlled by, you guessed it, a person. If criminals want a firearm they will get one. They don’t need background checks because criminals don’t rely on the legal way to obtain firearms so laws are ineffective against them.

Now a little basic education: AR does not stand for assault rifle; it stands for ArmaLite rifle. An AR can be used for hunting and self-defense. AR magazines don’t hold bullets, they holds cartridges. If you are going to discuss firearms learn the correct terminology instead of sounding like a fool.

Not selling pistol ammo means also not selling rifle ammo. A .22 rimfire pistol uses the same ammo as a .22 rimfire rifle. AR rifles come in many calibers which are also the same calibers that are used for hunting rifles. That would mean Walmart also wouldn’t sell it for hunting rifles.

Gun control will not stop the criminals; it only punishes the good guys.

Gina Clarke



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