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Litzinger is featured artist at Artitudes Gallery in Atrium Mall


January 6, 2020

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A painting by Melissa Litzinger depicts a landscape. LItzinger is the featured artist this month in Artitiudes Gallery and the gallery will hold an artist's reception for her Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.

Press release

Artitudes Gallery presents "Unique Creations," artwork by Melissa Litzinger, for the months of January and February, with a reception set for Friday.

Litzinger works in several mediums, challenging herself to create using what she has.

She said that sometimes the end product is not what she originally started.

"I have been painting for about the last five years," Litzinger said in her self-description submitted for the showing of "Unique Creations." "I paint using watercolor, acrylic, oils and have done a few pencil sketches as well over the years. I also do photography. Being artistic, crafty and creative is my passion.

"I started out with using oils and then gave a try at watercolor and added acrylic to my painting talents.

"I like painting with oils because the effects and techniques used to complete my art gives me the opportunity to use my imagination and it challenges me.

"Painting with oils is tricky at times because it's all about layering in just the right ways to create a painting of how I envision it as a finished piece of artwork," she added. "My initial plan isn't always how the end result turns out. However, I sometimes end up surprising myself of how well or not so well it is.

"If it's not to my liking, I tend to go all creative and turn it into an abstract piece by smearing it all around and seeing what creation I can make out of it.

"When I wanted to try watercolor, my first thought was, 'I can do this, looks easy enough,'" she said. "I soon realized that using watercolors posed a challenge for me, more so than working with oils for the first time.

"I have improved on my technique over the years, but I've had to work at it. I tend to work on multiple pieces at a time because as one is drying I can work on another.

"I've worked on as many as four pieces at once. It takes time to get the right effects and layering without having it all just blend together.

"I really enjoy working with acrylics. Acrylic paints are fast drying and easy to clean up. I find that I can easily add details and get the results I want to achieve. Some of my better and favorite pieces have been done in acrylic.

"Acrylics are also used in my paint-and-pour pieces. I haven't mastered the technique of actually making designs or desired shapes with the pour art yet, but I'm still experimenting.

"It pretty much just happens with not too much thinking on my part. I never really know how the finished piece will turn out until it is completely dry because it is always slightly changing.

"I also love to take photographs of just about anything, textures, landscapes, flowers and whatever sparks my imagination," Litzinger added. "I could spend endless hours at a time walking along taking pictures as I go.

"I most often see things in a different perspective and try to use the various angles that aren't of the ordinary straight on view for some of my photos.

"I have experimented with all the mediums I use, trying to find a new technique or way I put paint onto the paper or canvas.

"I have tried my hand at using acrylics with only my fingers to create a masterpiece, using a paint brush to add the slightest details or to enhance what is already there.

"I love to sit down and create art. It is relaxing and takes my mind off of the everyday events that go on in my life.

"I have taken a few painting classes, but I pretty much just have an idea in my mind and I go for it. Sometimes I use books or online sites for references to improve my skills, but for the most part I learn on my own as I go.

"I get my inspiration by seeing art wherever I go, whether it is from another fellow artist or I see it on a wall at a hotel. I also find inspiration being out in nature with all the wonderful surroundings.

"There are so many ideas and things I would like to paint that go through my mind. The possibilities are endless," she said.

The artist reception runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday in Artitudes on the upper level of the Atrium, 220 Third Avenue.

People are invited to come have refreshments, view the art and visit with Litzinger


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