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Celebrating History naturalization and parties


March 27, 2020

By Emily Mayer

Havre was quietly conducting business as usual 100 years ago. Not much was happening outside social gatherings and parties in the homes of Havre’s citizens.

Newly appointed District Judge Frank Carleton was working through many cases, setting court dates and naturalizing citizens. This article was found in the Hill County Democrat’s March 18, 1920 edition.


The following applicants were naturalized by Judge Frank E. Carleton on Wednesday:

Jerry Dolezal, Hingham, native of Austria; Alfred Jarvey, Alma, native of Canada; Frank Algot Johnson, Fresno, native of Canada; Rudolph Kral, Fairchild, native of Austria; Henry Sandberg, Havre, native of Sweden; Rial Matthias Mill, Havre, native of Canada; John Keller, Cottonwood, native of Russia; Frank Pondelicek, Rudyard, native of Bohemia; Vincenc Ceynor, Rudyard, native of Bohemia; Martin Jochin, Inverness, native of Russia; Joseph Slnicka, Phipps, native of Austria; Lars Larson, Havre, native of Norway; Albert Burton Cox, Gildford, native of Great Britain; Victor Miller, George, native of Denmark; Ragey Koory Kiez, Havre, native of Great Britain; Josef Pleskac, Phipps, native of Austria; Peter Emanuel Peterson, Laredo, native of Sweden; Alexander Miller, Havre, native of Great Britain; Nels Grastjon, Havre, native of Norway; Orville Joseph Jumper, Havre, native of Great Britain; James McClellan, Phipps, native of Great Britain; Frederick Ivey, Havre, native of Great Britain; Edward James, Phipps, native of Great Britain; Isaac Pilling, Phipps, native of Great Britain; Agnes Sowatzky, Inverness, native of Russia; Mike Koleff, Havre, native of Bulgaria; John Brandvold, Rudyard, native of Great Britain.

About eight or ten cases were continued to the July term.

Various groups were meeting for business and for socializing. The following were found in the March 11 and 18 editions of the Democrat:

Mrs. C. W. Erskine and Mrs. R. G. Erler were hostesses to the St. Marks guild of the Episcopal church Wednesday afternoon. After the business meeting a social time was enjoyed and refreshments were served by the hostesses.

The Eastern Star ladies entertained at a costume party Wednesday night. Much merriment was caused by the various and humorous makeups of the ladies, while dancing and playing games furnished the entertainment. Refreshments were served at a late hour.

The musical department of the Woman’s club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Miss Marie Yeon on 12th street. Mrs. B. F. McCormick, Mrs. A. W. Schroeder and Miss Yeon were in charge of the program, which was as follows:

Piano solo-Miss Wilma Berry; Vocal solo-Mrs. Charles Haskins; Piano solo-Miss Georgia Brodrick; Reading-Mrs. Charles Hansen; Vocal solo-Mrs. George Guenser; Piano solo-Zeal Pepin.

The study department of the Woman’s club met Tuesday afternoon in the club rooms. The subject was “100 per cent Americanism and Americanization.

The following talks and papers were given: “The Americanization Class in Havre,” Miss E. Ireland; “The American’s Creed,” by Mrs. Joseph Berthelote; “Who is Really an American?” Mrs. G. R. Haglund; “The Johnson Bill,” Mrs. N. C. Abbott; “100 Per Cent American,” Mrs. J. Martin; “The Slogan of the American People,” Mrs. H. Withycombe; “What I Mean by Americanization” Mrs. F. F. Bossout.

A meeting of the Eastern Star lodge was held Tuesday evening. After this dancing and a social session was enjoyed until midnight, during which time refreshments were served.

Class Number 10 of the Presbyterian Sunday school held a party in the social rooms of the Presbyterian church on Monday evening. Mrs. N. C. Abbott, the teacher of the class was present, and story telling and games furnished entertainment for the evening, after which delicious refreshments were served.

The little boys that pleased with stories were Bain McIntosh, Tommy Abbott, Lowell More, Mac Monagle, George Husser, Bill Wallender, Marion Bailie, and Roy Dowell. Besides these, those present were Roland Perry, Robert Schroeder, McGregor, Edwin Hensen, Frank Sallama, Robert Oland.

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in Havre in at least three homes a century ago.

Mrs. W. A. Russell of the Virginia apartments was a charming hostess on Tuesday afternoon and evening Green decorations suggestive of St. Patrick’s day attractively decorated the rooms and bridge was the diversion of both the afternoon and the evening party, after which delicious refreshments were served.

Mrs. Russell had as her guest in the afternoon Mrs. H. Withycombe, Mrs. F. O. Black, Mrs. C. C. Brundage, Mrs. N. C. Abbott, Mrs. J. R. Perry, Mrs. A. E. Wilkie, Mrs. C. B. Elwell, Mrs. J. Fieden, Mrs. E. C. Stevens, Mrs. T. J. Levy, Mrs. R. M. Rathbone and Mrs. O. Hauge.

Those present in the evening were Mrs. N. E. Gourley and Mrs. G. Cassman, who assisted the hostess in serving and Mrs. J. A. Wright, Mrs. A. L. Ritt, Mrs. J. C. Christensen, Mrs. H. Archibald, Mrs. Leon Choquette, Mrs. W. B. Rhoades, Mrs. C. M. C. Taylor, Mrs. J. M. Knight, Mrs. W. C. Holt, Mrs. J. C. Benson, Mrs. F. E. Carleton, Mrs. L. A. Ritt, Mrs. W. C. Lange and Miss Helen Froehlich.

On Monday evening Mrs. J. A. Ferguson was a charming hostess to four tables of bridge. A green and white color scheme suggesting St. Patrick’s day was used throughout the house and on the tables. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the evening.

Those present were: Mrs. H. Archibald, Mrs. F. O. Black, Mrs. R. M. Rathbone, Mrs. James Kelly, Mrs. Phil Clack, Mrs. A. E. Wilkie, Mrs. Frank Warner, Mrs. J. M. Knight, Mrs. E. C. Liggett, Mrs. O. L. Whitlock, Mrs. H. Withycombe, Mrs. D. D. More, Mrs. A. M. Webber, Mrs. John Matthews, Mrs. W. B Rhoades, Mrs. E. A. Hayes, Mrs. Dan O’Neil, Mrs. James Ferguston, Mrs. J. A. Ferguson.

Mrs. R. H. Stone of 422 4th St., pleasantly entertained the members of the Life Service club of the Methodist church at a Shamrock luncheon.

Every guest was given an Irish name and wore a cap and sash appropriate for the occasion. Many shamrocks were in evidence and beautiful carnations adorned the table. Covers were laid for 12 and a two-course luncheon was served.


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