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You know, Lord, family, friends and loved ones seem to be losing family, friends and loved ones, every week or every month. How great that remaining dear ones have a 'time' together, sharing special deeds and thoughts of those who've passed on.

At one gathering, friends and family shared about their special "Ms. B."; what she'd meant to them, all she'd shared, quilts she'd made for family, friends and even several she'd sent to an orphanage.

On and on they chatted when suddenly there was a pause of silence and elderly "Uncle Al" loudly said, "I'm feeling dusty."

Two middle school girls jumped up, ran to Uncle Al, looked hard at him and said, "Uncle Al! Do not say such awful things. You've no idea how hard we all worked, cleaning and scrubbing, trying to make 'Ms. B.' house squeaky clean before today's gathering. 'Ms. B' was also our teacher; she was very kind to all the kids in class, no matter size, shape or color any of us were. She told us that God had made each one of us and that He'd given each one of us a special job while we were here on earth ..."

Uncle Al chuckled, "That's what I was trying to tell you. If you look up Ecclesiastes 3:20(1) in your Bible, you'll read that we're all dust and we will all return to dust, so - if I am feeling 'dusty', don't you think that I might be getting ready to return to dust?"

The room was quiet, then softly some shared some special secret things 'Ms. B.' had done in and for kids and their families. Then a prayer, thanking the Lord that 'Ms. B.' had been part of their family and asked Jesus to help them be like 'Ms. B.'

Love, Mara

(1) King James Bible: "All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again."


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